Minicons Icon Pack

The Ultimate Premium Icons Pack

For Web Professionals

UX Designers

UX Designer
  • Easy to include in your favorite wireframe applications: Keynote, Powerpoint, Omnigraffle.
  • Ready to use PNG from 16px to 256px.
  • 1500 vector PDF files. Each icon is a unique file that you can rescale in any wireframes application

Graphic Designers

Graphic Designer
  • Customize icons from Vector Source files: Illustrator, Photoshop, PDF or EPS.
  • Work faster using the Photoshop custom shapes and Illustrator symbols panels.
  • You can use the premium icons in templates to resell, like ThemeForest or Wordpress themes. See the license agreement


  • NEW - Easily create icon fonts or SVG Sprites from the Mnicons Icons with Fontastic . Included in your purchase you will get a coupon to activate the Minicons pack in Fontastic.
  • Ready to use PNG from 16px to 256px.
  • All the icons you need for Web Applications and Websites, including the main social network logos: Twitter, Facebook, GitHub...

Works with your favorite application


Illustrator Symbols

Drop the icons from the panel directly into your Illustrator designs. All the icons are already integrated with the Illustrator Symbol library, meaning you work faster and stay focused on your tasks.


Photoshop Custom Shapes

Quickly add any of the vector icons to your photoshop designs. Drag icons from the custom shapes panel and adapt that shape in any size, color, or layer style you want.


Keynote Slides

Quickly insert the vector icons in your keynote wireframes. Just copy & paste them from the Minicons slides provided.


Powerpoint Slides

Quickly insert the vector icons in your Powerpoint wireframes. Just copy and paste them from the slides provided.


Omnigrafle Stencils

Drop any vector icon from the Minicons panels into your wireframes. Then adapt the size and color as you want.



All Minicons icons are provided as:
- PDF + EPS vector files
- PNG pixel files in six different sizes: 16px, 24px, 32px, 64 px, 128px and 256px

You won't need another pack

Generate Icon Fonts

1500 Vector Icons

NEW Included in your purchase, you will find a coupon to activate the Minicons icons in Fontastic, the best application to generate Icon Fonts and SVG Sprites.

Consistent & elegant

Consistent and elegant

All the icons have consistent proportions and stay readable at small sizes, because they are carefully designed on a 16 pixel grid. Even in a larger size, they are elegant and detailed.

All icons are provided in 6 different sizes for direct insertion in your HTML code: from 16px to 256px.

License FOR designers

License for designers

You can use these icons for any templates that you resell.

You can use them in your applications, and even in templates embedded in your applications, with a limit of 100 icons.
See the license agreement

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