1275 Free Vector Icons

We've grouped all the free icons that Webalys offer on this page.
You can use them all for any commercial work.

350 Free Material Design Icons

Sturdy and legible. From the Nova Icons collection.

Download 350 Free Icons

230 Free vector icons

Friendly and elegant. Work great on Android application.

Download 230 Free Icons

100 Free Vector iOS icons

Stylized and minimal. From the Streamline Icons collection.

Download 100 Free Icons

120 Free Flat Icons

Colorful and attractive. From the Kameleon Icons collection.

Download 120 Free Icons

45 Nasty icons

A few nasty icons to spice up your design...

Download 45 Free Icons

210 Free Small Icons

Built on a small 16 px grid. From the Minicons collection.

Download 210 Free Icons