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A few icons previewed at 48 pixels

Ultimate Icons 32px

Select, modify, delete

Ultimate Icons 1

Tag, bookmark, vote

Ultimate Icons 2

Graphic tools

Ultimate Icons 3

Communication, mails, discussions

Ultimate Icons 4

Users, personas

Ultimate Icons 5

Commerce, business, delivery

Ultimate Icons 6

Places, maps, pins

Ultimate Icons 7

Programs, code, databases

Ultimate Icons 8

Multimedia, photos, videos

Ultimate Icons 9

Content, documents, organization

Ultimate Icons 10

Object, clothes

Ultimate Icons 11

Download, upload, transfer

Ultimate Icons 12

Files, folders

Ultimate Icons 13

Text, editor, layouts

Ultimate Icons 14

Interface, GUI elements

Ultimate Icons 15

Validate, cancel

Ultimate Icons 16

Settings, time, keyboard

Ultimate Icons 17

Food, leisure, weather, transportation

Ultimate Icons 18

Health, hospital, medecine

Ultimate Icons 19

Arrows, direction

Preview Arrows

Social icons, social logos - Free Bonus by Alex Peattie

Preview Social Icons

Included in your Pack

  • Vector source files for Illustrator CS. 3 .AI files
  • Vector custom shapes for Photoshop CS. 3 .CSH files
  • NEW Transparent PNG in 6 different files format: 16px, 24px, 32px, 64px, 128px, 256px. 10000 .PNG files
  • Vector source file for any vector software. 3 .EPS file - 1500 .PDF files
  • NEW Stencils for Omnigraffle. 3 .GSTENCIL files
  • Slides for Keynote. 3 .KEY files
  • NEW Slides for Powerpoint . 3 .PPTX files
  • Illustrator Symbol panels. 3 .AI files

License agreement

Minicons is created by an Interface Designer for other professionals. So we have a tolerant license agreement.

You can use these icons for any Web or Graphic templates that you resell. Use them for Wordpress templates, or templates you sell on ThemeForest, with no problems.

You can use them in your application, and even in templates embedded in your application, with a limit of 100 icons per application

You cannot make the icons downloadable, give them away or resell them (even if you modify them).